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Soybean originated in China, a large number of ancient Chinese literature can attest. Sima Qian Han (145 BC ~ 93 years ago) for the "Historical Records", the first one, "the denebola this discipline," wrote: "For Yandi Mausoleum invasion lords, lords Chatham Xuanyuan go. Xuanyuan vibration is Xiude soldiers , rule of five gas, Ju five, ask the people, the Quartet Renqing. "Zheng Xuan said:" five, wheat and rice also Shu. "Sima Qian in" Records of the Historian Vol 27 * "wrote:" Shop to lower berth for Shu, "It can be seen when the Yellow Emperor Xuan Yuan Shu species. "ZHU Shao-hou editor-in-chief of" ancient China "referred to the Shang Dynasty (16th century BC ~ before the 11th century) economic and cultural development, said:" The main crops such as millet, millet, millet, wheat (barley), to (wheat), grain, rice, Shu (soybean) are in the "divine speech." "pointed out:" to our country, before 1000 BC Shang Dynasty Oracle has, of course, very limited records. In crops, the identification that there is millet, millet, beans, wheat, rice, mulberry and so on, the people at that time the main means of living according to the crop. "Yen-ching school wanted to have" all three generations of the ancient Qin and Han Dynasty Six Dynasties three text "Volume I pointed out:" Born in Cassia soybean. Tongkuangyu stop out of stone. China ninety days. Cooked sixty days. Where into, bogey on Mao. "