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Not cooked will add to the banana constipation

Ordinary people who have common sense, the banana is Runchang, the stool can be a bad time Runchang Tongbian bananas. In fact, not all of the bananas are Runchang role, only the ripe banana can be the above-mentioned functions, if the students eat bananas can not purge, but will increase the constipation. Because there is no banana cooked with more tannin, diminishing the role of the digestive tract, inhibiting gastrointestinal fluid secretion and inhibit gastric peristalsis.
Institute of Materia Medica Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences said Dr. Wei Fei, bananas are rich in dietary fiber, will not be a large part of its digestion and absorption, but can increase the volume of stool volume and promote peristalsis. At the same time, the sugar content of bananas more than 15%, and with the large number of water-soluble plant fibers, can cause gastrointestinal hyperosmotic fluid secretion, which will be adsorbed to the solid part of the water so easily from soft stool.
However, the role of the banana until just cooked with the Health and banana may be the opposite from the role. In addition to those unfamiliar green bananas, the appearance of some of the banana is yellow, but eating meat is made up of hard, and even some fat Shibuya. This banana has not cooked, it contains more tannin, tannic acid equivalent contrast enema barium used to compare insoluble, and the diminishing role of the digestive tract, inhibit secretion of gastrointestinal fluid and inhibit their motility, such as excessive intake can cause or aggravate constipation constipation condition. Therefore, if the banana is not ripe, it is can not be used to purge the Runchang.