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Over bananas

Cephalostachyum delicious banana is a fruit, which some people (suffering from acute or chronic nephritis, renal dysfunction) a large number of edible bananas. As everyone knows, this is very detrimental to good health. Banana contains more magnesium, potassium and other elements, these minerals is essential to human health if all of a sudden intake of too much in a short period of time, it will cause the blood magnesium and potassium content increased dramatically, resulting in the body potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other elements of the imbalance of health hazards. In addition, the number of bananas will be greatly reduced due to gastric acid secretion caused by gastrointestinal disorders and mood swings too large. Therefore, should not be excessive consumption of bananas.
In addition, the high sugar content of bananas, a banana contains about 120 calories of heat (equivalent to rice), suffering from diabetes must also pay more attention to the weight of not more than lessons.