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Quality bananas

1. Diaphana quality banana peel was yellow or green, comb handle integrity, non-repudiation and off only phenomenon, generally every 25 kilograms in the following; single body bending bananas, fruit plump, fat, fresh color, bright, fruit surface smooth, no lesion, non-insect scars, no mold, non-invasive, easily peeling the fruit, pulp;
2. Banana easily stored in the refrigerator black, should be put into plastic bags of bananas, add an apple, and then as far as possible from the air bag, truss pocket, and then not on the home place near heating, so the banana can be preserved for at least about a week;
3. Banana vulnerable to collisions and black cold extrusion, at room temperature for bacteria to breed easily, the best disposed of each year;
4. Elderly bananas, do not devour, to avoid being.
5. Banana "Panama disease", also known as "banana cancer", is described as the plant disease that infected banana plant fungi is difficult to survive. "Panama disease" is a plant pathogenic fungus disease caused by infection, also known as Fusarium wilt, commonly known as yellow leaf disease of bananas. Common disease of banana (Musa sapientum) leaves and fruit of the original banana fungal infection through the roots, bulbs and processing extended to the stem, and impeded in the vascular tissues of banana conduction of water and nutrients, eventually leading to disease. "Panama disease" symptoms of yellow leaves outside, and finally the whole dead. Typically, the disease in banana plants have died before the results, even if the results of its fruit is also very small, it can not become a commodity fruit. "Panama disease" biological pathogen would not be extended to banana peel, but will not reach the pulp. To date, no scientific research results showed that the banana "Panama disease" pathogen bio-energy plants across the animals against infection.
6. Bananas in the storage and transportation process, the banana skin cell is damaged, there was the Su-oxidase oxygen in the air oxidation, generates a black material, a banana peel on the black. Banana change is a process of maturing, high-fruit sweetness change does not affect their nutrition.