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Features and characteristics of

Large evergreen herbaceous perennial monocotyledon with no main root. Leaves a long round, bright green. Spike down. Fruit order from 7 to dozens of paragraph 8 of the fruit component beam. Fruit yellow-green, long round, Microbend, slightly edge of 3. For the summer and fall flowering. Banana flower
Hi high temperature and humidity, the growth temperature of 20 ~ 35 íŠ, the most suitable for 24 ~ 32 íŠ, not less than 15.5 íŠ. Optimum 1800 ~ 2500mm annual rainfall and rainfall distribution. More stringent requirements on the soil to clay content <40%, below the water table in the 1m loam, especially in alluvial soil as humus soil or appropriate.
Not a tree, but a giant herb, and its stem is soft and rolled up by the composition of the petiole.
There is a banana banana Dwarf Banana, Wild Banana Wild Banana, plantain (banana Gan) Common Banana.
Tsiu off after the results, a new banana tree in the next birth.
Seed germination capacity of non-degraded. Reproduction by the use of rhizome buds give birth to the smoke.