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Cultivation significance

Banana delicious sweet fruit, rich in carbohydrates, nutrient-rich, according to analysis, each containing 100 grams of pulp in 20 grams carbohydrates, 1.23 grams of protein, 0.66 grams of fat, crude fiber 0.9 grams, 0.7 grams salt, 70% moisture, and contains the original vitamin A (carotene), vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, as well as a variety of vitamins such as vitamin U, in addition to the human body need calcium, phosphorus and iron and other minerals. Bananas which contain a considerable amount of potassium (a medium-sized banana contains 451mg of potassium) and magnesium. Potassium to prevent a rise in blood pressure and muscle cramps; and magnesium with the elimination of the effects of fatigue. Banana is a natural antacids. As a result of the banana on the digestion and absorption of very good, so from the children to the elderly, can feel at ease to food and balanced nutrition supplies.
Banana fruit in addition to fruit, the African, Asian, American tropics as food. In addition to fresh fruits bananas, but also can be made into a variety of processed products and raw materials extraction of flavor; banana plants with high medicinal value: the fruit of the cold, can slide the large intestine, constipation, Moistening Lung; stems, leaves may be inappropriate to governance edema, beriberi; root rule can be broken up, fever and dysentery node; flowers and bud hematemesis and hematochezia can be cured. Fresh dry stems, buds and the smoke hung bud also rich in nutrients, can be crushed for pig feed. Fibers leave the stem system of ropes, and paper sacks. In short, the banana as a fruit and grain to meet the needs of consumers, the rural South to play the role of poverty.