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Cultivation characteristics of

Banana is a herbaceous perennial monocotyledon large, and its rhizome is large corms, roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits and smoke bud (breeding) are thus grow. Is the result of the banana
Banana hi high temperature and humidity, the growth temperature is usually 20 ~ 35 , optimum temperature 24 ~ 32 , various organs of the critical temperature for the blade 10 ~ 12 , the fruits of 13 , the root 13 ~ 15 . Mean annual temperature above 21 is the main distribution area of bananas, a small number of distribution and below 20 in the area. High moisture content of the banana plant, leaf area, transpiration rate, it is also great need of water. Bananas on the average water to 200 ~ 300 mm in the most appropriate, at least not less than 50 mm. Banana requested adequate sunlight, but not too heavy. Have reported in the literature: light intensity from 2000 lux to 10,000 lux, the photosynthesis is rapidly increasing, but from 10,000 ~ 30,000 lux of light intensity, the slow increase in photosynthetic efficiency. Poor illumination of glossy fruit flavor difference. Banana root-free, normal plants have fibrous roots from 200 to 300, 10 ~ 30 cm soil layer is the root of the main distribution layer, the banana plant height, and shallow root system of wind-sensitive, prone to typhoons and strong winds against. It has been observed when the wind speed of 25 to 30 km / h, the leaves will enable a serious tear, wind speed 40 ~ 65 km / h, often leave broken stems, wind speed 100 km / hour, can destroy the whole banana. Banana wide adaptability to soil, but soil or humus loam alluvial optimal; pH value of 4.5 ~ 7.8 can be planted, but the pH value of 6.0 for the most desirable.
The use of vegetative propagation of bananas, seeds and tissue culture shoots are smoking. smoking jacket clothing shoots are sprouting (Lidongben former students smoking bud smoking, flag leaf scales Prix, part of the winter after the leaves withered scales, such as jackets clothing, named), red bamboo shoots (after spring beyond reach of the suction pump of Health shoots, red leaf sheath, named) and fly (from a longer post-harvest banana head out of the old shoot the smoke, also called water sprouts) 3 species, shoots for clothing in excellent coat. neat tissue culture growth to ages 6 to 10 when planting appropriate leaf. Plantlets easily mutate, growth is weak, poor resistance, the initial stage should be carefully managed growth.
Spring and summer banana (banana-season), is made banana, plantain, banana powder, banana Agrimonia, banana tissue culture (in vitro) high quality technology depending on the season, different varieties, high-quality high-yield cultivation techniques are also different.
Banana diseases are: Banana bunchy top disease is a serious virus disease worldwide, prevention and treatment methods often used: to improve disease resistance, and anti-anti-aphid aphid, planting disease-free seedlings, plant and crop rotation excavated. In addition, the spread of more than 60 kinds of aphids heart rot of banana mosaic virus disease. In addition there is the banana leaf spot, black heart disease of banana, Panama disease of banana, banana anthracnose, crown rot of bananas and banana diseases such as root nematodes. Major pest of banana weevil, banana, banana Michael Baly, banana aphid and cross-connections, such as banana flower thrips.