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1, basal heap retting
In the two months before planting with pig dung, Tong Nai, Nai plus turf fertilizer with adequate froth reactor, decomposition Hang Shi per 10 kg as base fertilizer use colonization.
2, plow, harrow and
Before planting the second banana Second harrow plow for root growth to create a loose soil conditions.
3, fixed-point digging
Before planting in accordance with the 2 กม 2 m spacing for fixed lines colonization and dug length, width, 0.4 meters deep colonization of the pit. About 165 mu-sik. (Or 2 กม 2.5 m, 130 mu-sik)
4, back to Hang
First 10 kg on the colonization of the basal bottom maturity plus 0.25 kilograms fertilizer, mix after returning to earth mound above ground level requirements of 10 - 20 cm, to prevent colonization after the subsidence caused by water.