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Banana field management

1, application: the first 3 - 4 months,manure or manure with 3 - 5 kilograms, 0.2 kilograms phosphate, leaching facilities, facilities back thin soil; second times 6 - 7 in banana plot Shop Shi fertilizer,Shi 50 kilograms, 0.2 kilograms of peanut bran, 0.1 kilograms compound, after the shallow earth Shi; the third time in August, the mid-25 kg, 5 kg of farmyard manure, 0.2 kilograms of fat bran.
Also in the lobular period every 7 - 10 days Topdressing a maturity in the large-leaf stage topdressing every 10 days by a peanut cake retting system of water, urea can also be a two-plus potash fertilizer 0.5 or 2 2 Lin Shi two.
Foliage top dressing: banana lobule period before and after smoking bud, small fruit with 120 times the period of rapid long banana agents, agricultural Zhi Bao, 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate spraying.
2, drainage and irrigation, weeding
Banana fields to deep to facilitate drainage and reduce the groundwater level as well as irrigation. Strong growth period, the importance of keeping a shallow layer, so that the dry season, early and late do a good job covering banana plot.
3, to stay apart from bud bud
The first way to remove smoke bud until the Road, or three-way shoot suction pump for Health retained after 1 - 2 smoke bud, smoke bud all the rest removed.
4, off-lei
Smoke banana bud, the attention of the field inspection, when the top banana axis 1 - 2 Salisbury is not strong, the sunny afternoon in the bud break and reduce the loss of sap, sap the wound to be stopped, such as 500 times the fungicide carbendazim wound brushing.