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Banana pest and disease control

1, leaf spot, against the banana leaves, the beginning of April of each year 25% of the enemy force with EC from 1500 - 3000 times spray, spray once every two months. Or 600 - 800 times the sum of zinc or leaf spray.
2, heart rot mosaic, bunchy top disease: prevention and treatment methods are not first introduced area, and the other is found in infected plant immediately excavated, and the third is used Rogor 1000 - 1500 times aphids and reduce spread.
3, Hesperiidae, locust, leaf insects, weevil pest control methods, such as it is: removed bogus stem rot outside the leaf sheath, the timely removal of leaves, bud worms. with trichlorphon 800 times 400 times Bisultap leafstalk fork in water. with Rogor 1000 times.