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Banana varieties

4 types of banana, as bananas are a number of varieties grown. Some statistics about the world more than 300 varieties of bananas, Taiwan Province of China's 80 mainland provinces and autonomous regions all have more than 30. China to Hong Nga banana cultivation is the most common category, but also a small area of cultivation of plantains, banana powder and banana Agrimonia.
1. Major types of high-to large species are high-ranking cadres to banana banana-type incense teeth, also known as the Green is to high to Hong Nga banana, Fujian Tianbao banana species that high, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province for the excellent varieties. Tall, robust plants, leave the stem 260 ~ 360 centimeters high, leave the stem circumference of stem 85 ~ 95 cm; leaves grow up from the leaf sheath less frequent, the main vein at the dorsal wear white powder; ear 75 to 85 centimeters long, a few fruit Salisbury 9 ~ 11 Salisbury, fruit mean 19.5 ~ 20 cm long; flesh soft, sweet and incense, and soluble solids 20% ~ 30%; In general, yield per plant was built 20 to 25 kilograms up to 60 kilograms. The varieties with high yields, good quality and capacity of drought-tolerant and cold-resistant strong resumption of growth by chilling injury soon after, but susceptible to wind damage.
2. High-foot tall Dayton Dayton mine is mine incense teeth banana type of high-ranking cadres for City in Guangdong Province, one of superior varieties. The highest plants, and leave the stem 300 to 400 centimeters high, circumference of 70 to 80 cm thick on leave under the small stem significantly; elongated leaves, petiole slender, light yellow-green leaf color, leaf sheath from the sparse; up the middle ear, Salisbury fruit and fruit index but less fruit length and weight; fruit means 20 to 24 centimeters long, more than 150 grams of weight, soluble solids of 20% ~ 22%, the quality of the middle; in general cultivation under the conditions of yield per plant 25 to 30 kilograms, high-yielding up to 70 kilograms were. The varieties grown fruit shape, high yield, good quality, but the fat, water, temperature requirements of high performance in the Pearl River Delta economic traits not ideal, very poor wind resistance, the ability to recover after frost low also susceptible banana bunchy top disease.
3. Qi Mei Qi Mei Xiang is a type of high-ranking cadres Tsiu teeth, mainly distributed in Guangdong Gaozhou for Gaozhou of superior varieties. Plant false stem 300 to 360 centimeters high, stems Week 65 ~ 80 cm, the stem up and down a more even skin color light green; leaf elongation than the vertical upward, elongated leaves, more slender petiole, leaf sheath from the sparse leaves into intensive particularly in the pump beam before and after bud very clear that named; ear is made longer, and under normal circumstances the number of ear hair and a few fruit Dayton mines and similar tall. Salisbury ear for an average of 8 to 10 Salisbury, fruit means 18 to 22 centimeters long, weight 130 ~ 140 grams of soluble solids 19% ~ 20%, the quality of the middle and upper; under normal circumstances yield per plant up to 25 ~ 30 kilograms up to 50 kilograms. The high yield varieties, fruit refers to long, is suitable for export and transport of the species north, but less wind resistance, cold hardiness and disease resistance ability to require a higher water conditions. The tall varieties are Dwarf Qi Qi Mei Mei and the two strains.
4. High to the mouth of the estuary of bananas to the banana is a high-ranking cadres banana-type incense teeth for the mouth of the county in Yunnan main cultivars. Plant tall, stem height false 260 ~ 300 cm, comb-shaped rows, fruit index more often have results for each ear 10 Salisbury, refers to more than 200 fruit, fruit means 15 to 21 centimeters long; silky sweet fruit quality. Good quality; in general cultivation under the conditions of yield per plant for 20 to 40 kilograms, individual high-yield of 50 kilograms per plant. The varieties with high yields, good quality and very suitable for high temperature and humidity and adequate fertilizer planting areas.
5. Banana is a banana fairy fairy tooth Shannon banana type of high-ranking cadres from the north of Taiwan Province in mutation breeding of banana out of its integrated North Tsiu traits for varieties grown in Taiwan Province. Thin plants, leave the stem 270 ~ 320 centimeters high, banana leaves longer than the North and wide, light green color than that; the fruits of high sugar content but the quality of banana less than the North due to thick skin. than fruit; strain of banana production is superior to the North; of bunchy top disease resistance, and relatively thin for extensive cultivation of barren mountains, but the growth period longer than the North Tsiu 15 ~ 30 days, also less wind resistance .
In addition, banana oil, banana tall Yunnan, Guangxi high type bananas, Poyo (also known as Taiwan textilis), Brazil and other banana-type of high-ranking cadres are Tsiu Shannon teeth.
6. Dayton Dayton Dwarf Dwarf mines are mines in dry banana incense teeth for Guangdong and other places Gaozhou one grown varieties. Plant false stem 250 to 280 centimeters high, strong potentials, the leaves grew up a short petiole; ear longer secret from Salisbury. The large number of small fruit, fruit means 18 to 22 centimeters long, 20% soluble solids to 22%, high quality and taste better than mine and Qi Dayton feet tail, the middle and upper quality; generally yield 20 to 28 kilograms, individual up to 50 kilograms. The yield stability, adaptability, wind power medium cold tolerance of a stronger, faster recovery by frost.
7. Williams, Williams is in dry banana incense teeth, introduced from Australia. Fake plants in the high 250 ~ 280 cm, circumference 47 ~ 58 cm; leaves more up to 175 ~ 193 centimeters, slightly upright leaf growth; ear 65 ~ 80 cm long, comb-shaped well to work closely with fruit means fruit refers to direct , Salisbury larger number of comb for 8 to 10. A few slightly less fruit; fruit longer means. Fruit refers to 19 ~ 23 cm, medium quality. The varieties of fruit shape traits of goods, but less wind resistance than the susceptible leaf spot. In all areas of our different characters, reflecting different.
8. Guangdong on the 2nd banana (formerly 63-1) was originally called 63-1, which is in dry banana incense teeth, by the Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Fruit Tree Research Institute of Vietnam from the introduction of mutant selection by the banana. Plant false stem 200 to 265 centimeters high, leaves 203 ~ 213 centimeters long, 38 centimeters long petiole, leaf width shorter; ear much longer 70 to 85 centimeters, the number of ear hair and more fruit index, respectively, 10 ~ 11 Salisbury. 165 ~ 210, the fruit is slightly elongated means 18 ~ 23 cm, weight 125 ~ 145 grams, the 19.8 percent sugar content, the quality of the middle and upper; generally yield per plant for 22 to 32 kilograms, similar to dwarf stronger wind dry bananas, cold resistant medium Storability medium to resume growth after the cold faster. The high-yielding varieties, good fruit, good quality, adaptable, and suitable for planting all over, but water, soil higher.
9. 1, formerly known as Guangdong 74-1 banana is a short to medium dry banana incense teeth, by the Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Fruit Tree Research Institute in 1974 from a high of Gaozhou City of mutant dwarf selection from the banana. Plant false stem height from 200 to 240 centimeters, thick false stem. More evenly from top to bottom; leaves 200 centimeters long, 36 centimeters long petiole, leaf width shorter; up the middle ear, ear length 68 ~ 76.3 centimeters, a few more fruit Salisbury 11 Salisbury 10, the fruit a few more at 190 ~ 208 months, mean age 17 to 22 centimeters long, weight 100 to 130 grams, the 19.4 percent sugar content, the quality of the middle and upper; generally yield per plant for 18 to 27 kilograms, wind, cold, anti-spot strong Medium Storability. The high-yielding varieties, stable, resilient and strong, catch cold soon after the resumption of growth is very suitable for use in the south China coastal areas, especially in the typhoon area cultivated more than new varieties. However, in cultivation of the soil conditions require higher fertilizer to the attention of loose soil, proper drainage and irrigation.
In addition, the dwarf species of Guangdong and Dongguan in the Zhongshan teeth banana, banana northern Taiwan, and Yunnan in the estuary, in the Guangxi Longzhou varieties, such as an incense in the dry banana teeth.
10. Gaozhou Gaozhou dwarf banana dwarf banana is a dwarf banana dry incense teeth is one of Gaozhou local varieties. Dwarf plant stems and thick false, false stem 150 ~ 170 cm; leaves large, short petiole, leaf sheath from Micronesia; fruit slot short hair from the dense fruit, fruit index more than smaller fruit, fruit means 16 to 20 centimeters long , the fruits of better quality; general cultivation, the yield per plant from 13 to 18 kilograms. Up to 28 kilograms; strong wind, cold is also a strong recovery by rapid chilling injury, but also more resistant thin barren soil, suitable for close planting dwarf cultivation but with low yield, small fruit-shaped, anti-weak bunchy top disease.
11. Tianbao Tianbao banana dwarf banana is a banana dry incense teeth, also known as Dwarf banana, local banana, banana degrees origin Tianbao Fujian region of southern Fujian is the main one of cultivars. False stem height of 160 ~ 180 cm long oval-shaped leaves, ovate leaves for the base, flat tip, with short petiole; pale yellow and white flesh. Succulent silky sweet, rich flavor, good quality; yield per plant is generally 10 to 15 kilograms, and strong wind. The varieties of good quality and suitable for close planting, plants to adapt to coastal areas, transportation and export for the North, one of the best varieties, but less hardy, disease and powerlessness, there is degradation species in cultivation should be noted.
12. Guangxi Guangxi dwarf banana dwarf is a dwarf banana banana stem Shannon teeth, also known as dwarf Pubei, Whitehead water banana, banana, such as Gu-Ping, to Guangxi's banana varieties grown. Rong-Guang Liu, according to reports: dwarf banana plants in Guangxi false stem 150 ~ 175 cm, circumference 46 ~ 55 cm, leaves 140 ~ 161 centimeters long, leaf width of 65 ~ 78 cm, leaf pieces of 275 ~ 310 centimeters; ear length 50 ~ 56 cm, fruit Salisbury Salisbury 9 to 12, fruit 135 ~ 183 index, fruit mean 16.2 ~ 19.2 centimeters long, high-quality; yield per plant is generally 11 to 20 kilograms, and disease-resistant and strong wind but refers to the smaller fruit.
In addition, the worm of bananas in Guangxi, Yunnan dwarf banana Honghe, Mexico imported from Mexico are less than bananas banana incense teeth.
13. Xiaqi Xiaqi first head of plantains plantains is a type of banana for Guangdong, one of the local varieties. According to reports, such as Xu Bing: Xiaqi head false banana plant stem 350 ~ 400 centimeters high, stems Week 85 ~ 99 centimeters. The same size from top to bottom, fruit and fruit Salisbury index number means the fruit of 11 ~ 13.5 centimeters fear; soluble solids 24% ~ 25%, the quality of the same with the other major banana; yield per plant is generally 15 to 27 kilograms, but good wind a longer growing period.
In addition, the city of Shunde, Shunde, Guangdong in the big banana, banana horns Guangxi, Fujian Chai banana, banana board Sichuan, Yunnan's rice banana plantains type after all.
14. Sai Kung Banana banana banana powder is a type of powder sand, also known as banana, banana rice, glutinous rice, banana, eggs, banana, about the introduction in 1932 from Vietnam, Guangxi Nanning, Longzhou Varieties area, the areas are introduced . Plant false stem 400 to 500 centimeters high, 70 centimeters Petiole very long, leaf and red stripe. Put on the back of Micronesia leaves; fruit a few bad comb up to 14 ~ 18 Salisbury, fruit index, and fruit like banana but Agrimonia larger gradually at both ends of a sharp, full, fruit means 11 to 13.5 centimeters long, thin peel, skin color green, yellow when ripe and easy to darken; flesh white, very sweet succulent flavor, 24% soluble solids, up to 28%, slightly short aroma; generally yield 15 to 20 kilograms , wind, drought hardy adaptable. The production of secondary species, good quality, strong resistance but the thin crack easily, do not and Panama wilt susceptible.
In addition, the introduction in 1982 from the Bangladesh Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Guangdong Province of Bangladesh banana, Zhongshan big banana powder banana powder type after all.
15. The United States and the United States and banana banana banana types are Agrimonia, Agrimonia, also known as mountain banana or banana, for varieties grown in Fujian province. Plant false stem 340 ~ 400 centimeters high, with a small number of brown color, yellow, and green spots; elongated leaf, petiole; fruit-shaped short and slightly curved pattern. Fruit refers to 13.0 ~ 16.5 centimeters long, plump, pointed at both ends of Affairs, a very thin skin, ripe diaphana beautiful skin color, without spots; flesh white, firm flesh organization, silky and succulent sweet, soluble solids 23% ~ 26% ; generally yield 15 to 20 kilograms, cold. The yields in general, but good quality, adaptability, wind power is weak, susceptible to Fusarium Wilt Panama.
In addition, in 1984 introduced from Jinghong in Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Guangdong Province, Yunnan Institute of Fruit Trees in Bangladesh is also the type of Agrimonia banana.