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The classification of bananas

Banana category in the list belonging botany, banana head, banana branches, banana is. There are two banana ancestors, that is sharp and long-stemmed banana leaf banana. Banana cultivars is the two original wild banana species or interspecific hybrids of evolved. Banana is a generic name, alias Chiungchiao (cause and effect means is named after a little bend), Gan banana (this has been said in ancient times), banana, banana farmers. Habits on the basis of our banana stems, leaves, flowers, fruits into the form of banana, plantain, banana and pink banana Agrimonia. Simon's in 1955 marked a banana sub-classification, the 20th century, 80's, the Guangdong Provincial Institute of applications such as fruit trees isozyme, chromosome, fruit characteristics and patterns of Botany, Guangzhou, the national banana germplasm garden of fruit trees planted to preserve more than 100 classification of strains of species in order to work out a number of laws.
Simon's classification.
Simon's classification standard method used to bananas as a standard 15 characters, and then using the banana tip, long-stemmed banana each comparison, respectively, according to their similarities and differences between sub-standard, where characters with sharp bananas with the banana, and given 1 minute with long-stemmed banana given with 5 min between traits Tsiu sharp, long-stemmed banana between the two, according to the same degree, were given 2 to 4 points, from scoring to determine how many suffered a sharp and long-stemmed banana impact on the size of banana, as the basis for classification (Table 5).
Table 5 Classification of the banana sub-standard characterization of the form table