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The reasons for black banana

In the tropics, can be seen everywhere in banana, banana leaf whirling, dark green one.
Green is also the banana tree, but also hard, people just come off it - had to wait until it turn yellow, become soft, then transport them to trouble, and off after some time off, the banana will change from green Huang.
As the saying goes: "no interpolation Cheng Yin Liu." When you switch from the willow down, the branches of the cells did not die, into the ground, it will take root. Similarly, in the green off to the banana, it's cells are still alive. These cells secrete a variety of enzymes.
In the banana skin cells containing chlorophyll and lutein. Not ripe banana, chlorophyll lutein lived to cover up the yellow, it appears to be green bananas. To be released some time, an enzyme secreted by cells and chemical changes of chlorophyll, the destruction of the chlorophyll, the green disappears. In this way, the yellow xanthophyll out will be displayed, will be replaced by a banana yellow lift.
Fall, leaves turn yellow from green, but also the truth.
Banana hard freeze, or skin to be bumps,often black spots will appear, looking like pieces of leopard skin. This is yet another chemical change. It turned out that the banana skin cells, also contains an oxidase. Normally, it is closely wrapped membrane, not exposed to the air, as you lie on bed nets in the same summer, without the bother of mosquitoes. However, once the cold, bumps, the membrane is broken, it will flow out of oxidase, and oxygen and air oxidation occurred, resulting in generation of the product of a complex black.
Pears, black olives such as bumps, but also the truth.