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Banana bunchy top disease

Incidence of features:
Banana banana bunchy top disease, commonly known as the public and banana shrimp, green onions banana, the disease is a serious disease worldwide. The banana my district, to the more serious the old banana zone. Banana bunchy top disease symptoms typical of the new pumping more smaller leaves, and into a beam, so that bunchy top disease, incidence of late dwarf plants. Diseased leaves more vertical small easy to break hard and brittle, leaf chlorosis obvious edge,after the change. Petiole or base of the rib stripes appear dark green, commonly known as , which is caused by other reasons, the difference between the leaves of the main features of Cong. Live in the general slow-growing disease, dwarf, not the result of smoking bud. When the incidence of smoking bud out of the banana plant fruit bud malformation small, non-sweet fruit, non-economic value. Periapical change plant purple, dull, the majority of root rot or become purple, not a new plant last withered root.
Incidence of the law:
Banana bunchy top disease is a pathogen of banana bunchy top virus, the virus is a diameter of 18 nm diameter virus. The virus mainly by the spread of the banana aphid settlement pulse. Banana bunchy top disease in banana incidence of various developmental stages can be generally Shengfa 3-5 month period. Damage depends on the banana plant in the banana aphid number and the density and the occurrence of normal winter last year when a serious chilling injury incidence March to May the following year, more serious. In addition, the incidence of more general banana, plantain, banana powder, banana Agrimonia less morbidity.
Control methods:
(1) choice of the ventilation space, the use of reasonable methods and planting density, fertilizer management strengthening. Easily lead to different aphid species breeding vegetables, raise the plant's resistance to disease.
(2) the use of tissue culture as a disease-free seedlings. Banana heel Miller to do a good job during the relevant measures of anti-aphid
(3) spraying to kill aphids, especially in the 9-11 month and 9-4 months is necessary to strengthen prevention and control of aphids.
(4) the timely removal of infected plant, cutting off the spread of the source. There are aphids should be spraying the plant to kill aphids, and then excavated plant and soil disease dry hole, fill in the new territories, adding 50-100 grams Xinmiao resow carbofuran after mixing.
(5) high incidence of the best banana and rice paddy field crop rotation, etc., can greatly reduce the following year the incidence of bunchy top disease.