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Bananas on the body several

Bananas are tropical fruits in the "civilian", the price cheap and delicious sweet, fruit is the common people after the "regular" banana effect what you know? Today, we listen together to say nutritionists.
Sports arena, especially in some "time-consuming," the sports competitions, such as tennis and so on, from time to time to see when players take a break, eat the banana peel is to fill his belly, or add on?
Movement, not suitable for eating, halfway bananas, the main aim is to complement the rapid loss of body energy.
Nutritionists say, soccer, tennis players like to play before the bananas, which helps spot performance. From the perspective of the nutritional analysis of the sugar content of bananas can be quickly converted into glucose and absorbed into the body immediately, is a quick source of energy.
Bananas are high potassium foods, potassium ions can be enhanced muscle strength and muscular endurance, particularly loved by the athletes.
Bananas help lower blood pressure
Dietitians say that potassium has on the human body, inhibition of sodium, more than bananas, can lower blood pressure, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease prevention. Research shows that eating two bananas a day can effectively reduce blood pressure by 10%.
Many mothers like constipation in children, the bananas to the children, which is absolutely right. Dietitians say that the banana contains a wealth of soluble fiber, which is pectin, helps digestion, gastrointestinal function adjustment.
Bananas for insomnia or nervousness is also therapeutic, because bananas contain proteins with amino acids, with the effect of nerve to appease, so eat bananas before going to bed, how many can play a role in a number of sedation.
Is not suitable for everyone to eat
High nutritional value of bananas, but not everyone is suitable for eating. Dietitian, said the high potassium content of bananas, suffering from acute or chronic nephritis, renal insufficiency, and are not suitable for eating, it is recommended for these patients to eat bananas every day, if so, are limited to half. In addition, the high sugar content of bananas weighing about 100 grams of about 87 kcal calories, diabetes must also pay more attention to the weight of not more than lessons.