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Health recipe banana

1. Fresh banana banana porridge 250g, rock sugar, rice each 100g. First banana, peeled, cut into a shape; rice washing clean, soak in water after 120 minutes remove Drain; will be set on the pot, poured into 1000ml water, adding rice, boiled with, and then adding small banana, rock candy, 30 minutes to switch to small accompli. Yangwei thirst with the porridge,purge, the effect of cough Moistening Lung. Suitable for chun injury polydipsia, dry intestinal constipation, bleeding hemorrhoids, coughs a long time and habitual constipation, high blood pressure, patients with atherosclerosis, such as food.
2. Banana banana fresh orange juice, oranges each 100g, honey 30ml. First banana, peeled and pounded into mud, orange pounded Wash; to banana mud mixed with orange juice, then add honey and drink can Autoleveller. 2 times a day, and even served a few days. The juice has a heat-clearing and detoxifying, Runchang purge, the effect of cough phlegm.
3. Fried banana banana folder 1000g, peanut oil 1000ml,125g, egg 150ml, sugar 150g, Beijing cake 100g. First banana, peeled, cut into rectangular slices beaten mud cake backup Beijing; banana slices paved with mud cake Beijing's one-third of banana slices and a banana covered in the above films, add a layer of red bean paste filling, and then covered with a layer of banana slices, and then be lightly compacted by hand, banana clip fait accompli; Add egg white bowl, with chopsticks in one direction along the continuous stirred into a bubble-like, together with egg white people starch paste; to buy pot on the fire by adding peanut oil, heat very badly after the banana paste in the folder Add egg white into pot, deep golden yellow remove, put into the tray, sprinkled with sugar accompli. Kin of the spleen and stomach with food, dry Runchang effect. Suitable for weak spleen and stomach, diet to reduce food, dry intestinal constipation, hemorrhoids and other bleeding disorders. High blood pressure, arteriosclerosis in patients with good food also the role of adjuvant therapy.
4. Banana pancake the amount of flour, water, baking powder, crystal sugar, bananas soil mix, placed batter for 15 minutes, wipe a little oil fry pan,batter, cooked on both sides can.
5. Banana banana watermelon juice, watermelon, peeled, cut small pieces Add juice machine, by adding appropriate amount of water and lemon juice can be mixed into juice.