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Eating banana

According to ancient books, he also introduced several special banana eating, , for modern man This is a very "fresh" in:
* The two grilled banana skins, and then while it is hot to eat, hemorrhoids, and hematochezia can be improved;
* Hand, Foot and chapped from the cold phenomena occur, can be polished inside banana skin lesion, for a few days later, together will enable the smooth skin;
* On, dry cough without sputum, dry mouth and nose, and can be used to skin the banana three paragraphs, add rock sugar and a bowl of water,an hour, and then eat even Java can moisten dry Qu.
Chen said dietitian, bananas easily damaged due to collision extrusion black, at room temperature for bacteria to breed easily, it is best discarded. In addition, elderly people eat bananas, do not devoured, so be.