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Banana cream

Outside activities, the skin will be hard to avoid dust, cold, UV and other stimuli to become dry, dumb dumb, potentially accelerating the aging. Rather than spending a lot of money to buy skin care products, it is better to use a few dollars to buy the banana skin DIY it!
Ingredients: 1 banana; 2 tablespoons milk; 2 tablespoons strong tea
1, first pounded bananas.
2, respectively, by adding milk and strong tea.
3, the mixture slowly to the paste Autoleveller.
1, first of all, clean the face with water
2, and then headed to the banana in his face until after 10-15 minutes, wash with warm water.
1, strong tea should be cooled in order to use.
2, using cream instead of milk better.
3, would like more time-saving mixer can be used to stir up rotten bananas.