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Food taboos

1. Not fasting to eat
Bananas are more magnesium and magnesium affect the heart function of the sensitive elements of the cardiovascular inhibition produced. Fasting bananas magnesium body would suddenly rise and destruction of human blood calcium magnesium balance, cardiovascular inhibition produced is not conducive to good health.
2. Bananas, empty stomach chills frail and people should not eat because of the banana in the stomach to digest very slowly, on a bad gallbladder.
Bananas originated in the south-east Asia, namely South-East Asia, Malaysia and China area. China's Yunnan, Guangdong, Hainan, Fujian and Tibet are found in the southeastern part of the distribution of the wild banana. Bananas are the world's oldest cultivated fruit trees, one far in the 3000 ~ 4000 years ago was found in more than 4000 years ago, the Greek text has been documented. At present, the banana has been the rapid development in the world, mainly in eastern and western hemisphere 30 กใ latitude north and south of the tropical and subtropical areas, a small number of distribution other than 30 กใ north latitude. Cultivation of the world banana 120 countries and regions, of which for the main producing areas in Central and South America and Asia.
After-ripening process of banana pulp is a major change of starch into sugar. Skin color and starch are closely related to the rate of saccharification. According to History (1980) analysis of starch from 20% to 23% when fully mature fruit from 1% to 2%, while the soluble sugar from 1% to 20%. Which glucose, fructose, sucrose ratio of 20: 15: 65, other sugars were very low.
How much sugar is a measure of fresh banana fruit quality are important indicators. AA, AAB group of some cultivars, AAA group than the sugar content of fresh bananas high 2% ~ 4% of the absolute amount is fresh and delicious banana. China's largest banana low sugar content than bananas.
The fiber content of banana fruit is very low (based on our analysis, its content is 0.4% ~ 0.9%), it is suitable for infants, elderly people and is suitable for human consumption.
Ripe banana pulp contains 0.5% ~ 0.7% of pectin. Banana fruit is mainly organic acids malic acid, followed by oxalic acid and citric acid. After-ripening process of fruit malic acid content increased, while the acid was reduced metabolism. China's Xiang bud of banana fruit by 0.2% ~ 0.3% of plantains high.
Aroma of bananas is mainly esters, alcohols and acid also compounds. Varieties of different concentrations, different flavor, banana buds are thick incense smell.
Banana is rich in inorganic salts and some vitamins. In addition to the above-mentioned bananas contain nutrient-rich, there is also an important medicinal value. Banana fruit is low in fat, low cholesterol and low-salt food. Very little sodium, and potassium content was 400 mg / 100 grams of pulp. As a result of low-fat, high-energy, it was recommended to the obese and elderly patients. Banana on gastric ulcer were also favorable. Some people say that the banana can be treated, such as early childhood diarrhea and colitis.
China also has the use of Chinese medicine to cure illnesses of the banana. Banana and cold, a slippery intestines, the role of pass stool. Li in the "Compendium of Materia Medica," said: raw food (banana) can be Moistening Lung thirst, pass blood to fill the bone marrow, alloy sores drug hangover. Carbuncle swollen root knot attending fever, swollen enough pounded;suits, post-natal blood bulging rule nausea, wind insects toothache, fever-day trip. Ye attending primary tumor drugs.
In addition to direct consumption of bananas, the bananas can also be made of a variety of products, such as fried banana slices of banana powder (ground into a powder with cooked bananas), bananas (for banana Health Products), banana juice, banana and sugar banana sauce canned . However, for processing a small number of bananas, accounting for only 5%.
False banana stem fiber can be used to do paper and other textile materials, the suction bulb young shoots and flower buds can be used as feed. In Hunan, some farmers in there are many kinds of AB-type wild banana, pigs use for winter and spring. Banana leaves can be wrapped food.
Banana juice contains tannin precursor material, dip the clothes were immediately washed with water, otherwise there will be brown spot stains, generally very difficult to wash away the bleach, Shenzhen produced in a chemical plant "in addition to stain-ling" detergent can be get rid of its stains.
Banana distribution and production profile