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Banana origin

Bananas originating in tropical regions of Asia, in 3000, was found before, it is distributed in the tropical north and south hemispheres, the South sub-tropical areas. China's South China, India, Malaysia and other places may be the center of origin; of Hainan in China, Sino-Vietnamese border, Thailand, India have found a variety of wild banana seeds distributed around the world dwarf Xiang of China (Chinese dwarf) originating in China's South China. Cultivation of bananas in China has more than 3,000 years of history, set plans yellow "Emperor six years, breaking the South Vietnamese Gong Li Jian Fu ... ... there are two banana." Can be seen not only in the year 111 BC, the banana has been cultivated in Guangdong, but also written.
1991 world production of bananas in 53 countries, the annual output to 46.13 million tons, mostly produced in developing countries (accounting for 98% of total production), production of major producing countries: India is 6.4 million tons, Brazil 541 million tons, 3.54 million tons for the Philippines, Ecuador for the 2.65 million tons, Indonesia is 2.4 million tons, 1.7 million tons in China, Thailand to 1.62 million tons, 1.58 million tons in Burundi have been using horse 1,270,000 tons, 1,210,000 tons in Mexico, Papua New Guinea for the 1.2 million tons.