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The use of banana

Banana fruit in addition to eating fresh fruit can be used for processing, such as cooked bananas can be made from banana flour, pastries and bread for the system; fruit can be fermented liquor or banana extract brewing alcohol; Can Machinable mature fruit, preserved fruit, banana stem, fruit juices, flavors and so on. False banana stems, smoking bud, flower buds contain a large number of nutrients, is a very good green feed for pigs. False stem and leaves rich in cellulose, can be made rope, woven cloth, and paper; false stem distill the juice can be a food preservative and dye fixative, false stem the high volume of ash alkali, can be used to Soda water. Leave stems, leaves with a high level of potassium, chopped back to field after an increase in soil organic matter and the role of loose soil, but also an increase of soil potassium.