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Economic significance

Bananas are an important tropical fruit in Guangxi, in fruit production in Guangxi plays an important role. Cultivation area in 1990 to 1 million hectares, accounting for a total area of cultivation of fruits and autonomous regions of 3.29%; in 1991 amounted to 15,333 hectares, accounting for 4.45%; in 1992 reached 23,406 hectares, accounting for 5.96%. Production from 1990 to 1992 amounted to 179,600 tons, 327,000 tons and 494,800 tons, fruit production in the whole autonomous region, respectively, accounting for 17.02%, 26.78% and 33.21%. Banana GDP (calculated at market price) in 1990 to 143.68 million yuan in 1991 to 261.6 million yuan, 395.84 million yuan for 1992. Social benefits brought about banana production (such as post-harvest handling, packaging, handling, flow of freight, taxes, etc.) calculated in accordance with the output value, respectively, 1.4 billion yuan, 260 million yuan and 390 million yuan ; Guangxi total economic benefits of banana production was 287 million, 523 million and 791 million yuan. World banana trade in about 10 million tons, in 1990 the world price of the banana port of delivery: Hamburg, Germany (available from the Central American countries) to 750 U.S. dollars / ton, New York (from China and the United States and South America countries supply) to 566 U.S. dollars / tons, Japan (available from the Philippines) to 537 U.S. dollars / tons, France (available from Martinique) to 944 U.S. dollars / ton; delivery in 1991 at the above-mentioned points were 665 U.S. dollars / ton, 572 U.S. dollars / tons, 567 U.S. dollars / tons and 1064 U.S. dollars / ton. China's export of bananas is mainly the province of Taiwan, most are exported to Japan; mainland provinces as a result of cultivation techniques and less non-standard, post-harvest handling, packaging, storage and sales are very backward, and therefore there is very little export of two to three decades, the future If in the cultivation phases on cultivation, as early as bud break bagging, attention to fertilizer management and pest control, harvesting, the importance of light take place mat, comb down the field, anti-corrosion treatment, hair cutting and carton packaging, storage and transportation in the low temperature (15 íŠ) under the conditions and is expected to meet the export standards can, out of the country, into the international market.