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Plant morphology and growth conditions

more open, more acupuncture sprig, shoot purple. Petiole short, winged leaf was not obvious. White ribbon, purple, slightly scented, single, or 3 to 6 into a raceme. Citrus fruit glossy yellow, oval-shaped or inverted oval, the top of papillary protrusions, oil and obvious cell large indentation, peeling skin is not easy, pulp valve 8 to 12, not be easily separated. Seeds oval, more than a single embryo. Dozens of cultivars, there are particular forces increase, and so on, Lisbon.
Lemon is a citrus least one type of cold. Suitable for a warmer winter, summer is not hot, the temperature more stable place. Cutting propagation easily survived, but the production on the use of grafting to root a strong rough lemon (a lemon hybrid) for the stock. Suitable for cultivation in warm, rich soil, good drainage and the slope. Anniversary flowers, focus on opening up every year 3 to 4 times. Fruits rich in vitamin C and citric acid. Peel oil has a special cell in the flavor of lemon oil, also contain vitamin P.not wait to grow after that the full harvest, and then ethylene ripening line so discolored skin, in addition to a variety of fresh beverages outside the system and extract lemon oil. China's cultivation of less north there is a "lemon Beijing" at the top of non-papillary protrusions fruit, acidity is not strong, there are aromatic, pot only for viewing.