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Cultivation methods and the growth cycle

Lemon plants without pruning can be as high as 3-6 meters. Leaves with visible red, green after the gradient. Some of the young branches with Prism; some species have spines between axil. Flowers large, fragrant, single, or clusters; buds with red, white upper petals, the lower red purple, can be produced beverages, and vitamin P, can also extract lemon oil. Fruit oval, the top has a wide and short papillary processes; 8-10; ripe yellow. Some species epicarp thick, mesocarp white, sponge-like, the basic non-taste is the main source of commercial pectin. Seeds small, ovoid, pointed end; the occasional seedless. Pulp very sour taste. Citric acid is called the principal, or juice for more than 5% of the total. Lemon juice rich in vitamin C, and containing a small amount of vitamin B. Crusaders lemon found in Palestine after the beginning of the distribution of lemon to the whole of Europe. Now, lemon, in most tropical and subtropical regions limited planting. Commercial cultivation of lemon usually budding reproduction in order to Italy along the coast and coastal areas of California, the most appropriate lemon cultivation. Generally planted in orchards, 5-8 m spacing in the rows. Usually flowering annual, harvest the fruits of a year 6-10 times a mature commodity fruit about 5 cm in diameter. General immature fruit should be harvested and processed can be stored for 3 months. 3 years after planting the beginning of the results, 5 years after the fruit to reach commercialization. The average annual output of fruit each tree 1500. Lemon easy as bumps, wear gloves when picking.