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Potted lemon

Lemon plants, such as mismanagement, often flowering, not the results or less results, and even flowering. Mid-flowering potted plants to make a lemon, as a result, must be in water, fertilizer, pruning and other aspects of scientific management in order to achieve the purpose of many fruits. Some major aspects of management are as follows:
Reasonable pruning - pruning of potted lemon for two reasons, first, small, less soil to provide nutrients is limited, can not meet demand for lemon growth, the need for pruning; Second, through the plastic trim, tree-conditioning the rational allocation of nutrients in vivo so that the limited supply of the nutrient concentration of buds, leaves, the result of the formation of more branches, so as to achieve Manzhi fruit. Potted lemon germination in the spring would be carried out before pruning intensity, first of all, remove the branches, disease branch, leggy branches with sticks, cross-sticks, branches, such as initiation. Weak cut on the top-left of plump buds 4,5; strong shear weak branches, leaving a bud 2,3 to each of multiple branches of the spring healthy. Qi spring after a long, in order to control their leggy, light can be cut, cut shoot section 3,4. After the shoots have grown from 6 to 8 pm on Topping the aim of inducing more.
Spent before the "hold water" - in order to prevent growth At the same time, the accumulation of nutrients to the tree to promote the formation of buds in the pot before the lemon a "withholding of water." Specific approach is that in a few days for the potted plants before lemon diminishing water supply; five days before the cessation of water supply,by the sun, a large number of evaporation of moisture, dry; root system due to lack of moisture, resulting in foliage loss, dry leaves, curly. In order to prevent leaf dehydration, may be early, late to the leaf surface water, but also to spray a small amount of water, so that in both lemon and will not die of drought conditions, but the increasing expansion of its axillary bud, bud color from green to white , when most of the green light to white bud, the "hold water" to spend on promoting successful. At this point in time to the restoration of water supply to potted lemon.
Paul Flower and Fruit - Lemon after flowering, with the exception of a thin weekly fertilizer facilities, they also need to carry out dredging of flowers, fruit thinning. When the flowers are not open to the first part of flower thinning; spent Xie, setting, and then reduced to a number of young fruit is inappropriately placed, in order to reduce consumption of nutrients, the nutrient concentration of the limited remaining supply of flowers, fruits, so that the fruits grow bigger and better. The fruits of growth in the period, if adequate fertilizer, plant nutritional status, and some branches will shoot germination, shoot growth is bound to divert part of nutrition, the impact of fruit grown. To retain the fruits of the shoot to grow in time to erase.fruit, stop fertilizing and reduce watering, let the soil dry slightly moist. If continue to give too much fertilizer, then the fruits will be cooked in advance and as early as the old colony, to shorten the viewing time.
Reasonable fertilization - Lemon hi fat, normal fat should Shi thin. Plant facilities in the bud before a decomposition liquid fertilizer, after 7 to 10 days each time Shih-based liquid fertilizer nitrogen to long branches, multiple spring. Topping each time after, it is necessary to timely fertilization, to shoot early aging. Growth during the lemon, you can sprinkle some cake noodle pots, so that each has a number of water infiltration into soil fertilizer to enhance soil fertility. When autumn, fertilization reduced plant nutrition to avoid excesspriming, and fruit drop caused by competition for nutrients.
- potted lemon less as a result, nutrition is very limited supply, lack of after years of soil fertility, lemon will gradually weaker, less flowering, resulting in little. In order to maintain the middle of lemon flower and bear fruit, it is necessary to . The optimum time lemon half a month before its infancy. before the original is like to prepare large pots on the 1st of the basin, the basin emerge from the lemon, do not crumble clay, clay, after cutting along the surface of 1,2 cm thick places territories, cut off dead roots, and cutting at the bottom of 1 cm thick clay soil, remove the soil into the Central Plains of the tile floor mats. New pots with drainage holes put tiles, and 2,3 cm thick layer of drainage layer, a layer of 4,5 cm thick nutrient-rich soil cultivation, which mix a small amount of superphosphate. Add the lemon and then clay pot, fill in the surrounding soil to cultivate basin mouth, the slightly compaction, sufficient water will be root of water, placed in ventilation, Department, after a week back, the day-to-day management .