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Shoot growth characteristics of lemon
Lemon strong growth potential, a year 3 to 5 times pumping shoot repeatedly, flower and bear fruit, shoot length, thick, high yield and good.
Spring 2 to 4 months: time to shoot more or less uniform germination, and large number of short shoot, fine and neat, the majority of flower bud differentiation, the formation of.
5 July: the growth of healthy branches, growing stronger, more nutrients, color green, twig-shaped cross-section for the Mitsubishi, easy to form a leggy branches.
8 to 10 months:most of the following year, subject to the outcome of the impact of flowering, the number of pumping less fat, slender branches, development is not substantial.
Winter shoot 11 the following year in January: The effects of temperature and nutrients, fat, smoking a small number of under-nutrition, easy to produce yellow.