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Cutting lemons

Desirable young trees shoot elongation and shoot pumping quarter after birth, with the exception of reservations on the long shoot Topping 8 to 10, the remaining are to be Topping shoot. Length of stay of 20 to 25 centimeters better enrich strong crown, early branching, multi-branch, thereby expanding the crown as soon as possible.
2. Timely erase leggy branches
Leggy branches disturb the tree, a waste of nutrients, should be erased.
On a strong upright shoot growth, should adopt the gap, shoring method. Strong pull-down sticks, branches stretch Solution angle 40 กใ ~ 50 กใ, for the young to take pulled up measures, will enable the saplings 1 to 2 years ahead of the results.
4.release pin
Of young trees can be put in the summer shoot, that is, put a in order to facilitate the expansion of the crown as soon as possible.
Strong growth of the saplings wang, wang strong pump made more shoots. Busy as a result of strong growth Healthdifficult to draw, no young sprig conducive to flower bud differentiation, in the May to July for and shear thinning. As a result, all cut off in early August to late August in September to the beginning of pumping more made. Most of these bear fruit the following year.
6. Fu-yang sticks to cultivate
Usually in the crown of the sprig of Health within the pump, as long as not too dense leggy branches and sticks, the general should be retained. These are often good.
7. Laxiflora Shu Lei
Production of saplings in the plan weaker fruit trees before emerging bud and fruit, Thinning should be timely in order to promote the production of tree nutrition, the results of the crown as soon as possible and put into production.