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Why is lemon resistant to scurvy

Why are vegetables and lemon to treat the disease do? People first thought that these foods must contain certain essential life-sustaining substances - vitamins. The early 20th century, it was speculated scurvy is a vitamin deficiency. To 30 years, finally from the adrenal cortex, cabbage, lemon juice isolated "uronic acid has been" to ascertain its chemical structure, and make sure it is ascorbic acid (ie vitamin C) elements, so people call it "the mysterious fruit of medicine."
Rutaceae lemon for small evergreen trees, the foothills of the Himalayan country of origin in China, currently the Mediterranean, Southeast Asia and the Americas and other places are distributed in China, Sichuan, Taiwan, Fujian, Yunnan, Guangxi and other places also have cultivated. Of these, four larger acreage, accounting for more than 80% of lemon cultivation. Leaves and flowers, all with purple, fruit a long round or oval, the size of eggs, light yellow, surface roughness, the top was papillary, pericarp thick, rich aroma, fruit juice than the acid, but the preparation of drinks, but also can be refined into spices. The United States and Italy is famous lemon origin, and France is the world's largest food lemon.