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Medicinal value of lemon

Lemon is the world's most medicinal value of one of the fruit, it is rich in vitamin C, citric acid, malic acid, high-volume and low volume of potassium sodium and so on, very good for human health. Vitamin C the body can maintain a variety of organizations and the generation of mesenchymal cells, and maintain their normal physiological function. Parent material of the human body, such as bonding and into glial need vitamin C to protect. When a lack of vitamin C, and between the mesenchymal cells - will be followed by jelly less. In this way, cells can become brittle and lose the ability to resist external forces, the body prone to scurvy on; it has more uses, such as the prevention of flu, to stimulate the blood and anti-cancer effects.
Lemon juice is a delicious refreshing drink, its production is very simple and convenient, the direct use of fresh fruit juice squeezed out, together with sugar, ice, ice water, stirring, ready to drink. That hint of sweet and sour, faint scent of fresh, straight, it is cool mind and lip Liuxiang teeth. At present, the lemon juice all over the world have been accepted.