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The use of lemon fruit

1. Direct consumption of fresh lemons: lemon fruit will be washed into a 2mm-thick cross section of films, go to seed directly into the cup after the water cooler steep, rock candy can be consumed by adding appropriate.
2. Demi-glace lemon system: wash the lemon, slice, after, according to one kilograms tablets lemon 2 ~ 3 kilograms of the proportion of sugar, using a layer of lemon into a layer of sugar Method or Seal the bottle, after a week you can drink (in diabetic patients can be salted, methods with the demi-glace, lemon salt dosage of 25 ~ 30%)
ĦĦĦĦ 3Ħ£ Lemons for cooking: there is smell of mutton smell of cooking food can be fresh lemon or lemon juice in the film before Add to pot, can be fed in addition to.
4. Beauty lemon fruit: Wash the lemon slices, the Add cold water in 3 to 5 minutes for, wash your hair. Long-term use, may face financial loss, body stain, such as Mexico meet the waterfall, beautiful face, body, such as, brilliant results.
5. Fresh lemon deodorant: The 2 ~ 3 kg lemon fruit in the refrigerator or placed in the bare room, the bedroom to the refrigerator or in the removal of smell can play a better role; slice altar put in kimchi can be in addition to white, so crisp and refreshing kimchi.