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Honey lemon tea

The production of lemon tea: Materials: 1. Lemon half 2. Honey appropriate (see you like to drink sweet tea, put on love)
3. Tea bag 3-4 (otherwise on the use of bulk tea,China, where QI have a bulk sale, to buy or drink Earl Gray Ceylon tea to sell the imported goods have a large supermarket)
1. Add the tea bags had been boiled, teapot, tea bags you use to open the flooding and draining of the tea, and then into the tea water.
2. Lemon slices, each the best control in the thickness of 3-4 mm. After all a good film can Add lemon in pot. (After I put lemon tea tablets first reason is that in order to maintain a beautiful lemon-chip can be complete)
3. Vesicles about 4-5 minutes, and then poured into the cup can be enjoyed slowly! Can now add honey sauce, or add a little cold tea, etc., would be more healthy. If you can chip in the cup semi-Riga thin films of lemon, so much the better, the better the drink.
Act II:
Materials: a number of lemon, sugar, honey
1 lemon slice washed can be put in sealed containers, plus all.
2 sealed, the bubble can be one night.
3 2 lemon into 1 cup hot water, cooling temperature increase honey can get.
1 is generally a lemon plus 1 tablespoon sugar. With the volume of the distribution of personal preference.
2 Honey Do not use hot water. Because honey contains an enzyme, the event will be the release of excess water "hydroxymethylation acid" so that nutrients in honey been destroyed.
The best time to drink and then all of a sudden will be pounded lemon flavor will be even better.