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Nutritional Analysis

1. Lemon containing nicotinic acid and rich in organic acids, its a very sour taste, citric juice has a strong bactericidal effect on food hygiene is very good, experiments showed that high acidity in the lemon juice can be 15 minutes, the sea shells to kill all the bacteria;
2. Lemon rich aroma, can eliminate the meat, fish the gas, and make meat more tender, lemon stomach can promote the secretion of enzyme protein, an increase of gastric peristalsis, lemon daily life in the West, often used to produce cold cold dish and pickled food, etc.;
3. Lemon juice contains large quantities of citrate can inhibit the crystallization of calcium salts, thereby preventing the formation of kidney stones, the stone has become even could be dissolved out, the consumption of lemon to control kidney stones and some stones in patients with chronic kidney stones reduction become smaller;
4. Eating lemon prevention of cardiovascular disease can also can ease the calcium ion to the role of blood coagulation may be the prevention and treatment of hypertension and myocardial infarction, there is contraction of citric acid, by solid capillaries and reduce permeability, increase the blood coagulation and platelet function The role of the quantity can be shortened clotting time and bleeding time by 31% ~ 71%, with a role in hemostasis;
5. Fresh vitamin rich lemon, is the natural beauty Jiapin to prevent and eliminate skin pigmentation, with whitening effect;
6. Lemon raw tocolysis also has a good antiemetic effect and lemon fruit are suitable for women.