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The role of the six therapeutic

Appetizer fruit: lemon appetizer Shengjin
Do not eat lemon, bitter, not like other fresh fruits as raw, but the lemon peel is rich in aromatic volatile composition can be Shengjin, appetizer. Heavier summer, many people fatigue, work or study after a long time is often of poor appetite, drinking a cup of lemon, fresh sour taste of cool people to lift the spirit, but also open the appetite.
Be more widely used in Western lemon sauce for seafood, except for smell smell, Southeast Asia dishes are cooked with it directly in order to highlight the taste of its sweet and sour. China Southern favorite duck, goose, the lemon and ultimately, this condiment.
Step-down effect: the prevention of cardiovascular disease
Lemon is rich in vitamin C and vitamin P, can enhance blood vessel flexibility and toughness, can be the prevention and treatment of high blood pressure and heart attack symptoms. In recent years, foreign study also found that Green Lemon contains a component similar to insulin, can reduce blood glucose abnormalities.
Huatan fruit: eat lemon Huatan Qingre
Lemon can also. Lemon peel of citrus stronger than efficacy. Hot and humid summer weather, if the diet is not to note that within the human body and natural wetlands outside the wet climate of mutual induction, wet muddy pent-up can be a long time. Therefore, the summer, throat not feeling well, they will be hot water and a small amount of lemon juice salt, can be smoothly throat expectorate accumulated.
Anti-inflammatory effect: anti-inflammatory effect with anti-bacterial
Lemon is rich in vitamin C, the role of the human body as if the natural antibiotics, have anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory, and enhance the effectiveness of the human immune system, etc., usually can drink lemonade to maintain body heat.
Fruit Beauty: Anti-aging pigmentation inhibition
Lemon contains vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and other nutrients, but also rich in organic acids, citric acid, lemon is a highly alkaline food, has a strong antioxidant to promote skin metabolism, anti-aging and inhibit pigmentation, such as very effective.
Antiemetics fruit: lemon, "the mother should be" the elimination of morning sickness
Guangdong and Guangxi areas of Chinese medicine works, "Cantonese" records: "Lemon, should be the mother, a very sour taste, pregnant women tropic of liver deficiency, the mother should be. When cooked, the other bidder, possession by a multi-year-old for a long time yet, to be able to juice vinegar. "In other words, pregnant women can put some lemon in bed the morning with a sniff sniff there to eliminate the effects of morning sickness.
Eating lemon law:
Horseshoe lemon soup to prevent cardiovascular disease. With fresh lemon skin with a film, water chestnut (Eleocharis tuberosa) 5 peeling together making soup, the daily consumption of 1. Regular consumption of middle-aged and old friends, to prevent high blood pressure, improvement of symptoms in patients with myocardial infarction are likely to benefit.
Honey lemon tea thirst appetizer. Skin with fresh lemon juice, brewing and drinking tea together, the summer heat can be used as the treatment of health drinks polydipsia.
Qingre Jiejiu lemon sugar water. Skin with fresh lemon 60 grams, 250 grams of fresh sugar cane, chopped a little stir, slowly taking after. For excessive drinking, Ji Jin-thermal injury, upset thirsty.
Honey cold lemonade to ease throat discomfort. At the beginning of a cold with a lemon with skin films, plus a small amount of honey drink flushing can relieve sore throat, dry itchy throat to reduce the discomfort. Peeled and pounded fresh lemon, hot water when tea can rule pharyngitis.
Other relevant
France southeastern city of Edmonton, held in February each year, "Carnival lemon."
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