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Lemon leaves

Leaves can be used to extract lemon perfume, lemon fruit lemon skin can produce essential oils, lemon essential oils is not only important to the production of high-level cosmetics raw materials, production of the treatment is an essential component of drug lithiasis; embryo can produce fruit pectin, hesperidin ( Vp), pectin is a high-level production of candy, candied fruit and jam the important raw materials, can be used in the production of stomach drug treatment; Hesperidin (VP) for the treatment of major cardiovascular disease; fruit juice can be extracted embryo production of high-level drink while high-level fruit production; marc can be used for feed or fertilizer; High edible oil seeds can be extracted or medicine. Lemon Po are systemic, therefore, processing of green products is an important raw material.
Briefly: cool the body, sedation or supplementary energy, reduce fatigue, help memory, static and bactericidal, insecticidal, health enhancement, to stop bleeding. Remove dead cells so that the bright color to improve the microvascular. For the removal of corns, flat wart, scar softening organizations that can be purification of the mind to help the indecisive and no sense of humor, encouraging physical implementation of the action and clear thinking, irritability hot, they can bring the feeling of freshness.