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Fresh and sweet with a strong light and fresh clean aroma is citrus inside detoxification, the effectiveness of the best of a deodorant, perfume industry is also often used as a deodorant will be a good source of the smell.
Slightly acidic because of the sweet lemon, eat very few people directly, but it is inherent acidity, it is a good antidote to the anti-bacterial, we have food to eat seafood barbecue often are attached next to a lemon, and with lemon flavor really after the overflowing of the seafood, the smell was completely gone succulent. This is the citric acid smell of ammonia could be transformed to the mean.
Therefore, in the seventeenth, eighteenth-century Spain and Portugal and other places have been found in good lemon to wash hair detoxification, deodorant, antibacterial effect, not only for oral aromatic smell, and even used against malaria and typhoid.
Regardless of lemon essential oil production and use of essential oils which are the largest fruit and extraction from the peel, squeeze mining Cold Law, the smell can boost the spirit of scent to help clarify thoughts, to eliminate burnout and have the stomach to help digest a result of vitamin-rich C, B, also has a natural acid, the skin spots, fine lines there are to improve the role of beauty may be skin-sheng goods.