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Lemon is acidic or alkaline

Chemical or food science point of view of food is acid or alkaline, there may be very different. Lemon is acidic or alkaline it? Most people would think are acidic. However, learning from the perspective of food, lemons are alkaline food.
Why? Foods in the human body becomes alkaline, so we will be classified as their basic food. Such as lemon juice into the human body, will be oxidized into carbon dioxide and water, burning, and the remaining part of the change of inorganic precursors. We look at the quality of its inorganic anything to make a decision on it is alkaline acidic food or a food.
If the sodium, potassium, calcium content of many basic food will become. Melting compounds such as sodium in the water will become the basic material.
Na2CO3 + H2O ---> 2NaHCO3
HCO3-+ H2O ---> H2CO3 + OH -
2 (Na +) 2O22-+ 2H2O ---> 4Na + OH-+ O2
Alas ... ... how can Sodium peroxide and sodium carbonate? Junior high school, read the nutritional biology tells us that the food will be burning (digest) the role of a complex oxide. Chemist for the simulation of food digestion, and to determine the pH of food.
1. Ashes food
2. The use of solvents dissolved the ashes
3. Test solution pH ashes
Conversely, if the phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine content, such as more food will become acidic.
The correct answer then what is it? From the lemon juice applied to the litmus paper will show the red, we can know that lemon is acidic. With a different point of view, it is necessary to know that a substance is acidic or alkaline, the result will be different, we'll carefully ah!
Lemon can also and efficacy than also strong orange and tangerine. Add warm water to lemon juice and salt, the drink can be a smooth throat expectorate accumulated very efficacious. The beginning of a cold, we might as well flush with lemon honey drink increases, you can relieve sore throat, dry throat does not reduce.
With the lemon drinks, lemon juice and lemon honey has its own effect, but on almost lemon tea. Lemon tea is not to say that does not work, but high temperatures made of black tea, tea catechins in the destruction of the active ingredients, but the harmful substances has increased, and the tannins in tea combined with citric acid, acid rather heavy, there are those who Gastropathy best to avoid drinking, but the stomach well, and after a meal to a cup of lemon tea, and indeed it can help digestion.
To a certain extent, lemon is the fruit of women because it tocolysis, it referred to as the "mother advised." Its beauty but also because the speckle reducing citric acid to prevent pigmentation, have treated the effect of oral administration. China, more studies have indicated that an improvement in lemon anteversion, or amenorrhea uterine ligament laxity results.
the same breed of lime may be cholesterol-lowering blood pressure and improve cardiovascular disease. Grapefruit as it contains an ingredient similar to insulin, so that it can lower blood sugar to eat, wonderful fruit can be said to be "medicine."