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Beauty role

Lemon beauty there is in the role of independent objects, lemon juice to clean the skin pores, making skin smooth bright white jade. Here are several simple and practical method of lemon beauty.
Lemon shampoo hair when hair dropping a few drops of lemon juice with oil, wrap hair, 20 to 30 minutes after the wash with warm water. 1 wash per month will enable the hair soft and smooth.
Fresh lemon egg rhytidectomy, adding lemon juice, and transferred into a thick paste of flour, rub in the face after 15 minutes wash with water can ease wrinkles.
Lemon Clarifying heating a teaspoon of honey, adding the same amount of lemon juice, Autoleveller, evenly applied to the face, half an hour later, washed with water, allows the skin fair and clear.
lemon stick cotton in the evening with lemon juice Baptist plaque coating pigment, and then rubbed on the skin cream, and the effectiveness of.
Take care of fresh lemon 2 ripe lemon, followed by cold, clean water, untiringly, in order to clean dry cloth, a knife and cut into 1 cm thick slices into the wide mouth bottle, then adding 20 degrees of kaoliang 350 milliliters, sealed, 3 months later to access. Rub in the face of this liquid, knead gently tapping, reddish skin in order to facilitate the liquid into the skin and enhance skin effect.