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US-lemon lips

US-lemon lip often with a lemon lips can naturally rosy lips, blood flow, and can often breathe fresh lemon, a refreshing effect.
With lemon lemon bleaching effect can be pure white teeth. Take a small piece of gauze dipped in lemon juice, such as brushing teeth, like back and forth friction, both are also useful in preventing dental, but also to remove bad breath.
Lemon late evening makeup, face wash will be taking appropriate massage cream or cold cream on the handheld, the trickle-down three or four drops of lemon juice, enough to rub even in the face, massage gently with your fingers after 1 minute cotton test to Apply make-up water on a regular basis, we can expect the effect of cosmetic beauty.
Cucumber lemon juice beauty will be adequate, lemon juice, alcohol mixture, adding protein mix, rub in the face, wash after 15 minutes, and the effect of beauty.
Faded red lemon with some lemon juice plus milk powder (or flour) mixing uniformly applied to affected area. Done for 2 months, will enable the skin smooth, flat and soft, the original red will fade unhealthy.
lemon to wash make-up water, poured into the rice, adding sliced lemon 1 to sealed and stored on a more natural make-up water can be made. This makeup does not contain the chemical constituents of water can be used before bedtime. Even in sleep, the skin is also the venue continued to absorb the vitamin in lemon, and the effect of nourishing the skin.