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U.S. hands lemon

The United States and hand the lemon lemon meat hand friction to help fade the color of healthy skin; towel with lemon peel, lemon peel oil contained in the skin allows fine, smooth.
In addition to scars from lemon 1 lemon, washed with a household mixer filter, by adding 50 ml of pure honey and raw egg 1 egg white, gently stirring, mixing them thoroughly, but not excessive foaming, and then the status of a small amount of sugar to take. 1 times daily service, in March, there are obvious effects.
Lemon skin soft parts of the elbow joint and the heel as a result of recurrent friction, skin keratinocytes most likely to become of the thick-skinned. After bathing, rub with lemon scrub hard piece of skin will be softened so that it will soon.
Healthy lemon lemon bath million cut thin slices, soak in the tub, in which vitamin C, will enable the whole body very refreshing, as well as the efficacy of skin bodybuilding.
Put lemon in the water disinfection of 12 lemons, you will hand immersion can hand disinfection.
Lemon Lemon will rule chilblain tablets soak in warm water, about 10 minutes later, will be immersed in hands and feet which can promote blood circulation, hydrate the skin. 1 times a day, not a few days, chilblain.