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Attention Lemon Beauty

fresh lemon drink, as a result of extremely rich vitamin content, it is the Best Beauty, to prevent and eliminate skin pigmentation, has played the role of whitening; drink lemonade can to combat cardiovascular disease, because the lemonade to ease the calcium ion to promote the role of blood coagulation, so there would be the prevention and adjuvant treatment of hypertension and myocardial infarction; lemonade contains a large number of citrate can inhibit the crystallization of calcium salts, thereby preventing the formation of kidney stones, and even some of the stones in patients with chronic kidney stones to reduce the change less. The annual meeting of American Urological Institute announced the results of research also shows that the beverage drunk with lemon juice can increase urinary levels of citric acid ester, the chemical substances in urine to prevent the formation of mineral crystals in the kidney or kidney stones.
Lemon is rich in vitamin C, has anti-bacterial, improve immunity, bone collagen to help generate a wide range of effectiveness, such as regular drinking lemonade, you can add vitamin C. A cold drink when the day 5-100 ml of lemonade, you can reduce the runny nose, cold scattered, especially when just a cold, they do not have medicine and more. In addition to antimicrobial and enhance immunity, as well as an appetizer Xiaoshi, and effect. More little-known is that the lemon can expectorant, expectorant and efficacy than the orange and citrus also strong. Heating water to lemon juice and salt, drink the throat can be a smooth expectorate accumulated. The beginning of a cold, we might as well flush with lemon honey drink increases can ease sore throat, dry throat, such as to reduce the discomfort.
The lemon into thin films soak in water, soaking the best choice when the water temperature, so that will help preserve more nutrients lemon. Of course, can also drink tea, drink when Add lemon piece.
It is worth noting that no matter how good the food intake also can not with impunity. Lemon is no exception, there are many women for beauty, a day to drink lemonade and a large number of stomach hurt. Therefore, drink lemonade to moderate, not more than 1000 milliliters per day. In addition, the pH value of Lemon as low as 2.5, therefore hyperacidity and ulcers are not suitable for drinking lemonade.
Lemon in the use of beauty - as much as four per cent of lemons contain organic acids, with the skin surface and the basic materials, the prevention and removal of skin pigmentation, remove the oil dirt. Contained in lemon and acid vitamin C, there are anti-bacterial, softening and cleaning the role of the skin can be deep facial cleansing and increased flexibility, a lot of benefits carefully.
When the perfume lemon peel - natural to have a fresh lemon fragrance, in addition to food production can be kept in a refrigerator, it can be as natural perfume. As long as a thin layer of lemon skin and gently rub in the wrist and ear, we can as a perfume, the taste acceptable to all heavy!
To strengthen the hair elastic - if Chris hair tie can be broken with a spoon lemon peel, 1 tablespoon yogurt mixture, mix to use later, when conditioner, hair and massage gently about 5 minutes, then flush, so that hair back supple and flexible, never turned into a grass chopsticks!
Lemon juice tough nails - at least once a week to massage nails lemon juice, and the effectiveness of the solid nail. Side of massage, you can nail tip to gently scratch lemon, lemon juice to enable direct bleach nail surface to remove dirt and yellow gas, even after the nail polish is not coated, do not even have Ten man.
To the scalp - dandruff if you are too much to worry about the problem, it is recommended you a cup of lemon juice, adding two tablespoons Japanese rice wine, and then mixed with a tablespoon of honey, mix in the dry cleaning after an average of the scalp, gently massage 5 minutes. To be ten minutes after the rinse with water before use with normal shampoo wash hair, will alleviate the hair follicle and reduce the role of the scalp.
Teeth whitening - Lemon is rich in vitamin C and acid components, melanin spots to soften in order to achieve the effectiveness of whitening. If you teeth, after brushing their teeth with gauze or cotton dip point lemon juice, friction careful teeth, make teeth white. However, with the lemon acid, not more, once a week on it.
Add wheat flour whitening skin - use lemon market Whitening Mask so many ways, may wish to try lemon juice groove wheat flour, bleached skin and would not tighten. With about three teaspoons of wheat flour, add a little lemon juice and water absorption trench to avoid the skin around the eye,1 5 minutes later, the water can be cleaned. Done for 1 weeks, the skin instantly have a white elephant.
Lemon meat - to help detoxification drink lemonade
Lemon can increase gastrointestinal motility, to help digestion. In addition, there is a strong lemon bactericidal effect, reducing blood lipids. Breakfast every day before plus a couple of drinks of warm water with lemon meat, you can help the body from toxins.
Bath eliminate fatigue - will be cut half a lemon fresh meat in the water bath and then, you can smooth the delicate skin. Lemon aroma and overflowing, while bath, enjoy fresh flavor, you can lift the physical fatigue and mental stress, do both.