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We are Gift Manufacturers & Suppliers. our main food production gifts, products include: Christmas gifts, Easter gifts, Halloween gifts, Valentine's Day gift...... As long as the series are:Various cocoa set; Dipping marshmallow fondue set; coffee flavoring rack; organic tea gift set; Pretty cookies gift set, Candy gift set,and other kinds of gift set. We are producing a broad range of specialty and basic gift set, and so on.

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(1) the purpose of gifts
Gifts of each person must have the purpose of deepening friendship Friends are gifts, parents give their children gifts is to enhance the affection, the husband to his wife is a distillation of love gifts. Leaders give gifts to staff are to deepen personal relationships. Therefore, the purpose of different gifts to buy a different gift decision.
(2) gifts to the object
Different character, status and taste of different people, the gift delivery also varied. A strong sense of professionalism, and at the birthday celebration of the day or, if sent to contain some "try", "gain an immediate victory" means the gift, he will be satisfied. Elders give gifts to the younger generation, it is necessary to select health care, nourishing kind of gift is appropriate. Gifts is a businessman, you must want to send some "wish other people prosperity", "business is booming," symbolic of the gift.
(3) gift season
"When loved ones Festival" will naturally think you reunite with their family members may wish to bring some good luck this time, to reunite objects; 61 Children, adults and children will be sent on consideration to the more toys, stationery, such as study gift, which is to promote affection, a way to encourage progress. Therefore, different time, gifts to express different feelings.
(4) gifts Environment
"congratulating each other they look tearful eyes," lovers are separated from the mood, such as send gifts such as jewelry will be better able to express continuous between true lovers. Bell out of the train, a four-year classmate, Ben Jinzhao the earth, to the left Darling Xueyou a thin phone book, or fine, it will be a long. Different environment, the need to express a different token gift.
(5) customs
Valentine's Day roses sent to China as love, and some countries in Western Europe that are immoral. In China, the Han people and some places to send pork enjoy Chinese New Year food, which at the Hui nationality or country where Muslims are a symbol of ancestral slander. Therefore, different customs, different ethnic beliefs, their different gifts.

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Gift Manufacturer - Concept Pack
is specialized in designing & producing a broad range of specialty and basic gifts in Kowloon Hong Kong, China. Our China Production facilities are Current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) system certified, and K Mart International Inspected and Insured, We use the highest quantity FDA / ECC compliant production methods and materials including sticks, flavors and colorings from the U.S. in all our products. This has helped our unique product line to gain an outstanding reputation in many countries throughout the world with retailers and consumers alike.
Our most popular products include : all kinds of Coffee set; Lovely hot drinks gift tower set ; Various cocoa set; Dipping marshmallow fondue set; coffee flavoring rack; organic tea gift set; Pretty cookies gift set, and other kinds of gift set. We are producing a broad range of specialty and basic gift set, and so on.
. Our products are exported to all corners of the globe including the USA, Europe, Australia, Russia and Japan. Five Star Brands Inc. takes great pride in providing quality and consistency with every order, every time.
As one of the few direct China based Concept Pack, we can handle any quantity order. We have several full time designers on staff, who are constantly searching for new products and designs, as well as unique packaging concepts to keep our line fresh and interesting every year. If you have a custom order with a minimum of 50,000 pieces then consider Concept Pack as your source for your OWN ideas


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