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Halloween Gifts and About Halloween:
Halloween gifts----In the annual October 31 is the Western tradition of "Halloween" - Halloween. October 31 is Halloween. Usually called Halloween. But the atmosphere of this day is very much unlike its name as it sounded on the "horrified." When the arrival of Halloween, the children could not wait to wear the colorful city of make-up suits, wearing strange masks, carrying a lamp, "Jack Light" channeling families go home to the great people ask for holiday gifts. The most well-known symbol of Halloween is what these two - fantastic "Jack Light" and "magic show to the candy or" pranks.
"Jack Light" looks very cute, also very simple. Will be hollowed out pumpkin, and then engraved on the outside of the eyes and smiling mouth, and then plug in the melon in a candle, lit it, it is very far from this we can see the smiling faces of. This is the children's favorite plaything of.
But Halloween is still in the main table, you not only good food should be prepared to entertain those who come to trouble the "little devil", to be constructed in this special day for your dress a table. Please do not let your guests yourOh!
This day is the night of the year the most "haunted" when a variety of ghosts, pirates and witches are extraterrestrial visitors have been sent out. In the era before Christ, the Celtics held a ceremony in the summer did not appreciate the grace of God and the sun. Soothsayer then ignited and witchcraft is said to drive the demons wandering around strange. Later, the Romans used to celebrate the nuts and apples and the Celtic harvest festival on October 31 has been leveraging on the latest advances. In the Middle Ages, people wore costumes of animal shapes, the mask is put on terrible like Halloween ghosts of the night off. Although Christianity was later replaced by the Celtic and Roman religious activities, or to retain the custom of the early down. Now, joking with the children on a variety of psychological wear costumes and participate in Halloween mask dance, they dance around the walls are hung with the witch, black cats, ghosts and skeletons are hanging in front of the window and bare teeth or pumpkin lanterns. Children often try to bite the hanging apple.


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